NYC Marathon happy thoughts

Marathon expo

It’s been almost two weeks since TSC New York city marathon, and I’m home and back to normal. Let me tell you about how it went…

Before the race started

During the course of the race I ran with a smile 90% of the time. Not all the time it was due to feeling happy. It all started with the excitement of crossing the Verrazano bridge while “New York, New York” was playing. It was the best race start ever.

Verrazano Bridge

I loved the crowd. I smiled when a runner helped me stand up after falling around the 10thkilometer and then waited to see if I could keep running. I also smiled to the strangers who cheered and friends who I met throughout the race. I laughed at the posters of people who managed to come up with funny things. I smiled every time I saw a baby, knowing that mine was somewhere there.

I loved the setting. I smiled for the thrill of being there and seeing the buildings, the trees with orange foliage and the views from the bridges. Although I must admit that most of the time I didn’t know where I was or what was coming next, since this was my second time in NY.

I loved my people. I smiled as I read the messages of my friends and family on my watch during the race. I didn’t know that WhatsApp was synchronized with my Garmin, since I normally leave my phone home. I found my crew at Km 38 and there I smiled even more. I knew my husband was running somewhere close so that made me feel excited too.

But well, marathons are not made of only happy thoughs. I forced myself to smile when it was difficult or painful and I needed to change my state of mind. I smiled with every hill because I knew I had trained for it and then I would be rewarded with a descent. I was smiling because I could keep my pace, even in the moments in which I didn’t feel physically well (my stomach was not doing so well). I smiled during the last kilometers when I managed to go faster, have a longer stride and disconnect my brain from my legs to continue moving forward towards the finish line! Finishing strong is priceless.

Most people think of marathons as something painful, but not for me… This race was mostly smiles. I managed to run my fifth marathon in 3:51:34, my fastest so far. I have never considered myself fast, but I’m gaining confidence to believe I can achieve great things. No excuses!

NYC, thanks for the experience!

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