I’m back!

It has been a while since I posted anything, and I feel like it’s time for a well-deserved catch up. My last post was about triathlon and now it has been a long time since I trained the three sports. Why? Well… If you follow me on Instagram, you know this already… I became the mother of a cute little guy who just turned one. Despite him bringing so much joy, he also takes most of my time and energy which explains my time away.

During my pregnant days… I followed my doctor’s advice to take a break from running and cycling since I had a high-risk pregnancy. I swam for as long as I could, until I got annoyed of catching colds and not being able to take any meds. I had to settle with long walks and yoga. As soon as I gave birth, I stopped.


I missed my active life (and my old clothes that didn’t fit) so I decided to get back to running. I wanted to run the New York Marathon.

Why the New York Marathon? It has been my forever dream to run this race. I have run four marathons so far, and my fifth was going to be special. I applied for the drawing and signed up my husband as well (who wasn’t as excited as I was). Ironically, I didn’t get in, but he did. Talking to friends, I learned that since I live in Peru I could sign up for the race through a NYC Marathon travel partner, and so I did! Six months after becoming a mother, I slowly started getting back to running.


And now here I am… Seven days away from the marathon! It has required a lot more discipline to train for this race compared to any other before. I will run a 15Km race tomorrow to get into the racing mood, and next week we are off to NY.

Wish me luck!

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