5 Valentine’s ideas for the active people

Valentines is the day for love, chocolate and cliché dinners, or not! If you and your partner are into an active lifestyle, there are other things you can give or plan to have a great day with your sweetheart. Let me give you a few ideas.

1. Go for fruit instead of chocolate! I get much more excited about berries than any other edible thing. Or ok, cover them in chocolate if you must.

2. Give something sport related as a present. There are many things you can give: active wear, TRX suspension Trainer, Sport accessories, anything! Active people like it all, and we never have enough. You can even get cheesy matching t-shirts.

3. Sign your partner and yourself up for a race, or the gym, or any activities which will make you spend time together working out. Sharing an active lifestyle can make you two a stronger, healthier and happier couple. And believe me, if you still like each other when you are exhausted, unpolished and sweaty, your love is real.

4. Go for a yoga session together. You will enjoy it and feel relaxed for anything you may have planned afterwards. If one of you has never practiced yoga before, do not try your first class on Valentines. First classes can be frustrating for people who are competitive (e.g. me).

5. Plan an outdoor activity. Experiences are often more memorable than gifts. Go cycling or hiking. This will be much more romantic than going out to a crowded restaurant. The outdoors will help you connect better with each other without distractions. You can wrap it up with a picnic or camping.

So go and burn calories, produce endorphins, make your love grow! Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a great Valentines Day!

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