Remembering my first marathon…

Paris Marathon 2011

I joined the Paris marathon almost five years ago without having ever run long distances. I trained as well as I could and felt so prepared for the big day. Well, now that I look back I know I wasn’t “that” ready. But that race was a start. It made me realize that I could spend months preparing for something that seemed impossible at first. The real challenge was not only the race, but the series of training session that led to that day.

On race day, I remember that the first thing I packed was my Metro card in case I needed a Plan B: to hop on the metro and go home. Those 42.2 Km had many ups and downs. There were moments where I felt at the top of the world (probably for the first 10K), and others where I couldn’t seem to know what I was doing there. I saw paramedics giving medical assistance to a couple of runners in the last segment, and I was just thankful that it wasn’t me. Even though I had to walk for some minutes, it never crossed my mind to give up and use my Metro Card.

And yes, after the finish line I became the happy owner of a beautiful medal, a 2011 Paris Marathon t-shirt, and some great memories of what I thought would be my first and last marathon… until I signed up for the next one. It went so much better.

Now I can’t wait to see how it goes with my first triathlon…

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