Ironman 70.3 Panama: Race week is here!

This week marks the beginning of a dream for which I have been waiting and training for months. It’s incredible to realize how far I have come. Six months ago I was running the San Francisco Marathon, with no swimming or (relevant) cycling experience. All it took was determination and a little bit of stubbornness to get here.

Today my range of feelings goes from excitement to fear. You could always be more prepared, but that doesn’t mean you cannot do it. It is all about trusting that you did the best you could. And in order to do something new you have to be willing to go through the process of not being good at first.

Totals: December 19th – 24th

Swimming: 2.4 Km (1.5 Mi)

Cycling: 74.3 Km (46.2 Mi)

Running: 26.4 Km (16.4  Mi)

Last week’s training was great. I felt like I got back from a forced taper. I recovered from the flu and felt no pain in my knee.

Swimming. I had a rough start. I went to the pool on Tuesday, and I couldn’t swim because I was still a bit weak. But later in the week I swam in the ocean – I had never done that before. The first time I couldn’t get passed the salty taste in my mouth, which I hated. The second time was better. I was focusing in not letting anything bother me. I think I’m ready to survive a slow 1,900m-swim in Panama.


Bricks. I had two great sessions on the weekend. On Saturday I went to the tracks, installed my bike on the trainer and switched a few times between cycling and running for 1h40. Then on Sunday I cycled for 1h30 and then ran for 30 mins. I was supposed to cycle for two hours but I got a flat tire. That means that this week I will be practicing how to fix a flat tire.

That’s it for today. Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Ironman 70.3 Panama: Race week is here!

  1. Hey Karen this is looking great, such a positive achievment. Dead jealous! I have started running for a 10 k relay in the Wien marathon. Using the NHS podcasts to train but now i have i thjnk a sore MCL on the LH knee, so understand the frustration of setback. Keep it going and some great pictures of you swimming 👍😀


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