Prep Week 7/9 and part of 8/9

I can’t believe that in just one week I will be traveling to Panama for the Ironman 70.3!!!

This past week won’t be called “Training Week” as the previous weeks, since that could be considered a big fat lie. I got such a strong flu, that I could not swim, bike or run. I just did some stretching sessions at home. When I started feeling a bit better, I decided to force myself to rest for at least the whole week, since my race is approaching and I need to feel perfect.

In order not to feel anxious about not training, I focused on other things that are also important:

Race outfit. You have no idea how mean tri suits may be with your body imperfections. Although it’s true that it’s not about how you look, believe me these pictures will stick with me forever. After a thorough analysis of all the models available, I got the Scott Plasma tri suit. It felt comfortable, fresh and ultralight. It also looks cool and pro, so anything that may add confidence is welcomed. I got the tri suit tested in the water and running. It dries super-fast and feels so fresh.


Hair. Have you ever seen my annoying curly hair when I don’t blow dry it? It is quite hard to keep it under control, and even worse considering I will have to go from the water to the bike. Luckily this problem has been solved. I got a hair smoothing treatment so it will be easier to handle. Men have no idea how lucky they are, unless they decide to grow long hair.

Food and hydration. I already have everything I might need for the race, including enough water bottles, Nuun, energy gels, chews, and cereal bars. I’m considering having something salty, not to get bored of all the sweet stuff. I also got my carb loading groceries for the following days. I have my meals and snacks figured out, so now it’s all about eating them.

Bike check. I took my bicycle for a little maintenance before the race. I will still have a week to notice if there is anything wrong with it. Then my only difficulty will be packing it, unpacking it and assembling it. I haven’t mastered this yet, so I hope it all turns out well.

Open Water Swim. Well, I know I left this one for the last weeks and I shouldn’t have. At least I got it done. The feeling of swimming in the sea differs so much to swimming in a pool. I found it weird not to be able to see the bottom of the ocean. However, the most difficult aspect for me was keeping the right direction, and tolerating the salty taste. Many people complain about the anxiety of being in the water, but luckily I didn’t feel that.

This is it for now. Thanks for reading!

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