Training Week 6/9

It has been a long time since my last training update. I skipped weeks #4 and #5 for a couple of reasons. My knee kept aching so I decided to enjoy the season and cut back on training until it got better. I felt my knee every time I was going down the stairs and each time I tried running. My scariest thoughts were that I could injure myself by trying to train or that I would not be able to participate in the 70.3IM on January 31st. Resting didn’t make it better so I had to visit a doctor.

According to my doctor, my footstep is not normal, which puts additional pressure on my knees.  This is not a problem, unless I decide to run long distances (oops!). The good news is that I am better now. I am using a special shoe insole and I’m doing daily exercises for stretching and strengthening the area around my knees.

On January the 3rd I was able to run through 15Km without pain! It was awesome. So since last week I am back to Lima training according to the plan. It felt great to be able to get back to training without issues. This brings me to my weekly totals.

Totals: January 5th – 10th

Swimming: 1.9 Km (1.18 Mi)

Cycling: 78.5 Km (48.8 Mi)

Running: 34 Km (21.13 Mi)

It is summer over in Peru. Training has been exhausting due to the heat, but I am glad that I have been able to train. At the same time, the conditions are getting closer to what I will face in Panama. The problem now is that I have a terrible cold due to the all the weather changes I have been through, but that won’t stop me (I hope!).

Happy New Years to all of you and don’t forget to make the best of your opportunities on 2016!

An early holiday run

Cycling in Guatemala



Happy after 15 painless kilometers



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