Training Week 1/9

The 70.3 Ironman in Panama is less than two months away from today. It will be my first triathlon ever, and as I am getting really excited about it, I’m also getting more serious with training. From this week on I will begin telling you about my progress with my weekly totals.

Totals: December 1st – 6th

Swimming: 4.4 Km (2.73 Mi)

Cycling: 100 Km (62.15 Mi)

Running: 17.1 Km (10.63 Mi)

Last week I decided that I had to go out cycling for the first time since I signed up for the half Ironman. I have been training at home, but it is completely different to being out in the roads. I found some nice people who train for triathlon in the area, but I felt overwhelmed about how good and experienced they are. I wanted to take away the stress factor as much as possible for this first ride, so I went by myself (being followed by Dan and Zaha in the car).


The ride was challenging. I felt rewarded every time I could go downhill for all the effort going up. I stopped thinking about what speed I was aiming for, and just doing my best. From time to time I got bored, so I started thinking about songs in my mind.  I won’t deny I was tired, but I’m happy to say I didn’t feel any of the previous pain I was feeling. I rode for 70 Km (42.5 Mi). It was a good physical & mental training.


I am so proud to have finished my longest, hilliest, hardest, happiest ride. It is easy to find superlatives to describe it when it’s only the second ride out I have done. Well, I had ridden before, but not like this. Now I celebrate this small victory in preparation for the race!

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