Are you on the right path?

Nowadays there is something wrong about how we see a healthy lifestyle. Why should we think that fresh healthy clean food is worse than greasy fast food, rather than realizing its benefits and good taste? Why should we use exercise as a type of self-punishment for not being fit enough, instead of realizing how it gives us time for ourselves, and as a result we end up feeling better. We have to stop thinking as being fit and healthy as a form of torture.

I believe it is more tortuous to live a life in which you don’t have the energy to go and explore the world, or play with your children. It doesn’t feel good hiding from the mirror because we don’t like ourselves. It’s also sad to think that we might have a short life that may keep us from seeing what we’ve harvested throughout our lives. So why shouldn’t we increase our chances of a healthy happy life?

I believe that we should start finding pleasure in hiking with our friends. We could also go on a family bike ride. There are so many things that we can accomplish through sports, and we are never too old to start something new. I have loved how gratifying it feels to cross a finish line, or to see myself improving in the swimming pool. There is no need to become a fitness model, or the fastest runner. It’s all about finding good things that you can actually enjoy.

You don’t need to go and invest all your time to train for something, or change all your eating habits. What I propose is to start taking small conscious good decisions that make us proud of ourselves. We must get creative into having fun by choosing wisely, because at the end all what matters is finding a happy and balanced life!

PS: If you are wondering how I’ve felt after my last post (, it’s been all good with the bike adjustments… Maybe this weekend I’ll be brave enough to go out!

2 thoughts on “Are you on the right path?

  1. I loved your post. The example you start-off with relates a lot with my experience. Eating health and fresh tastes and feels so good, even better than eating greasy food and empty calories, but it was only after 2007 that I found that out. Also, simply creating the habit of exercising regularly goes a loooong way for the body and the soul. Thanks for spreading the word 🙂 ….

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