Training update

These past weeks have been exhausting! I wished I had posted more. Sometimes I would like the day to have more hours, but then I realize that if that was the case, I would be extremely tired of such a long day! I would probably sleep additional hours, and end up feeling exactly the same. So probably what I need is more coffee, and to stay focus on my tasks… 😉

Training has been fun! It’s a part of the day that I truly enjoy. I am starting to feel like a real triathlete instead of a runner, although running is still my favorite sport out of the three. When I run I feel in my comfort zone, where I don’t need to overthink what I am doing. I usually take my dog along, so it’s also our bonding time. I also got new running shoes, so I’m feeling extra motivated.

Zaha, my running partner

Swimming is something I’m starting to enjoy… a lot. It was the part of triathlon that scared me the most, as it does to many other newbies out there. My advice here would be to get swimming lessons, since technique is everything. Well, I am extremely slow, but who cares as long as it feels right.

Cycling… this has been the hardest. I am too new to go out with a group of experienced cyclers, so I’ve been using a trainer at home. During the past couple of weeks I started experiencing a sort of pain in my knee each time I had a long session. I was getting frustrated since my competition is in the end of January. I talked to my coach about it, and he said it might be the seat height or pedal adjustments. Tomorrow I will start training with a different bicycle which I had adjusted by a professional. Fingers crossed for it to feel good tomorrow. If my knee feels better, I will force myself to test it in the road soon!

Bicycle fitting

Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Training update

  1. Karen! I just read a few of your post, kind of getting to know you!
    I’m so excited for your new adventure! Im definitely following your blog and checking out how the training goes!
    I want to run a half ironman too! But I’m not ready to invest in the bike yet, want to save some bucks for traveling 😁
    About running in the cold and freling how your body creates the heat, yeah! That is very exciting! I usually check how many minutes it takes me to feel my hands warm! Yesterday, I wasn’t dress properly and it took me 27 minutes!!!!! Normally it is only 15 to 20! Anyways… I’m very motivated to train for Paris Marathon and I know it is gonna be a great race!
    Good luck with your training and keep us updated!


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