My oldest running partner: Nike+

I may sound too old when I say this, but when I was a kid one of my favorite games was Nintendo 3-in-1 Super Mario Bros + Duck Hunt + World Class Track Meet. I definitely spent hours playing these three games. I may even consider World Class Track Meet as one of the first forms in which I got interested in running. I got thrilled about getting on that plastic carpet and “running” super fast. This feeling is probably one that you can only relate to if you played the game.


Now I have found a grown-up version of this game: NIKE+ Running. It is not precisely the same since there is no screen you play with, but when you run and track it with the app, you receive trophies, and you set records just like a video game while actually doing something good for you. You can share this activity with your friends who run using the app, or post it on your social media. If you are using NIKE+ go ahead and add me as a friend: TheActiveMe.

I started using Nike+ back on 2009, and since then it has evolved into an app that you can use on a Smartphone, a special watch or an iPod, becoming extremely easy to use. I’ve used it for so long that I have achieved Purple level –whatever that means. It may sound as if I am advertising for Nike, but I am just sharing my experience.

In NikePlus you can track your runs, check your speed and distance, record the route (if the devise has incorporated GPS), follow a training plan and much more. I don’t believe it’s perfect since I use it with an iPod Nano and my phone, and I find that they are not always precise in terms of tracking distance.


So here I give you a few tips to consider:

-Go to your account on the site online (NIKE+) and check “Places”. There are heat maps that show you where people use the app often around the world. That helps a lot to find routes where you haven’t gone, or places to run when you go somewhere new. This tip is a real lifesaver that has helped me a lot on my travels!

-The training plans are a good reference to start running, but don’t follow them blindly. Listen to your body. Training with a coach is the best way to run.

-Don’t be dependent on devises and apps. Sometimes setting Nike+ distracts you from the work you should be doing. If you are running on track, for example, just leave your phone home.

So don’t forget to add me if you have an account or decide to start one (Nike+ account: TheActiveMe).

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