Last days in Bogota

These slow two weeks in the blog have been due to very hectic days. Moving to a new country comes with lots to handle. But I would be lying if I said that it’s all because of the move. My sister traveled from Mexico City to visit all my favorite places in Bogota and its surroundings before I move away. That means that my main activity these past days was walking and hiking all around for hours.

However, last Saturday, just before she got here, I had a trail running session with my team plus a farewell brunch. The run was simply spectacular. It’s amazing how beautiful it is when you go in the surrounding areas of Bogota. The landscape is so rich and the air feels crisp and fresh. The downside of this run was the hills, which I was not expecting. Well, when you run there are good and bad days, and I’ve had better than that one.

Trail Team Trainer

When I was running, I felt a slight pain in my leg and I had to stop. I’ve felt this in my last three runs which starts to worry me. A friend mentioned that it might be the Iliotibial band (IT band) because of its location. This means that for now I’m just taking it easy with running, strengthening and stretching the muscles, and hoping that it gets better. If it doesn’t, I will have it checked by a doctor – Fingers crossed!

Post-run Brunch was wonderful. I’m thankful for all the amazing and inspiring people that I have met during my time in Colombia. So it’s time for me to go pack! I can’t believe that in less than a week I will be settling again in a new country. Have a good weekend!

Playing the ukulele
Playing the ukulele – or at least trying

Looking at old triathlon pictures... We are all glad the clothes have evolved into tri suits
Looking at old triathlon pictures… We are all glad the clothes have evolved into tri suits

2 thoughts on “Last days in Bogota

  1. Hey Karen, being around a positive and happy people is a real buzz. Sorry to hear about the strain too. New times is also buzzy and fun too and gives its own highs, I had this moving to Vienna those years ago. It’s happy to hear and see you buzzing. Keep us posted with the travels and settling in. 🙂


    1. Thanks Dieter. I have loved every country in which I have lived, so I know Peru will be great. I was there for the first time last week, and it seems nice. I can already see myself running there 😉


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