Running in Piura

This past days I traveled to Piura, a place were I had never been before. Piura is a town in the north of Peru. As I arrived to the airport I saw a big sign that read: “The City of the Eternal Heat”. It is not the most appealing name for a place where you want to go running, but this was not the main purpose of this trip. You see, two great friends were getting married there. And of course, the best way in which I like to get to know a new place is by running. 

Here are some tips to remember…

  • Plan your run and schedule it. An early run is better to not be affected by the heat. 
  • Have a route picked beforehand. You can use online resources to find one, or ask the locals. 
  • Be ready for the conditions. Take the proper clothes, sun protection, and hydration. Some cash is also useful. 
  • Be flexible! This is the only one I did right.

So my run was not great, but the wedding was! I hope you also had a great weekend…

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