Happy cycling

How can one become a cycler from scratch? I have a beautiful road bicycle which has seen the roads of Bogota just a handful of times. It sounds like a shame not to take her out more often (it’s a she!), but I have some reasons: I prefer not to go out by myself to be cautious, and going out with a group of real cyclers intimidates me, since I would need to be able to keep up with their level. And well, it has been hard finding other beginners or slow cyclers like me.

So again, how to start cycling? For weeks I have been turning my apartment into a spinning center.  I move furniture around, and place my bike with the trainer facing the TV. I spin for an hour or two. Also, on weekends I have been out cycling slowly, and with all the people and street lights around I’ve become fast with the shoe clipping and unclipping. I just fell off once! -a really dumb fall. It has been all baby steps until yesterday: my first real ride!

Ready to go!
Ready to go!
We went out to the country side with Team Trainer, a great triathlon team in Colombia. I have been running with them for a while now, but it is the first time ever I have joined them cycling. I was supposed to go on for two hours, but after 1h 06m I had to hop on the car which was going with us. I could have gone further, but I was staying behind the group. Then they took an extremely hard climb. After the way down, other people though they had had enough for the day. As the seats in the car were in high demand, I decided to take my second chance and give it another try.

The way back was smoother, and nicer. I was left alone as a cycler, but I had a car with me the whole time with the driver and three team mates giving me moral support. No pressure anymore. I enjoyed the scenery and the fresh air (although there was strong wind). This time I had taken a friend’s bicycle, because mine was the first one on the rack, and it would have taken too long to take it out. I didn’t manage to make the gears work, so I got stuck with a hard gear. However, I didn’t mind. I was able to complete another 40 minutes completing 50Kms in total (Not bad!). I was really a happy cycler.

Starting something new may be hard but it requires perseverance. A friend said that as a runner I will have an easier time getting into cycling, so here I am, giving it my best.

Have a great week!

3 thoughts on “Happy cycling

    1. So far I have been tracking most runs with Nike+, and all my rides,running with the Polar site (polarpersonaltrainer.com) However, the second one isn’t public. I will definitely check SportsTracker out!

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