Swimming Do’s and Don’ts

I have never been a swimmer. I didn’t like it when when I was at school because I turned blue like a Smurf after we had swimming class. Well, to be fair, the pool was too cold and it took them a while to figure out that the pool needed a heating system. I also didn’t like being in dressing rooms with other girls (I know, maybe not a problem for most). However, swimming seems to be the miracle sport with very low risk of injuries.

Now I am determined to become a swimmer, no matter if I’m a slow one. I have finished my first ten swimming lessons without drowning and my instructor has faith in me! Hooray for Daisy!

Let’s cut to the chase and talk about swimming pool behavior and swimming etiquette. A few ideas to help those beginners or those who haven’t been paying attention…

  1. Use the appropriate swimwear. Women: There are swimming suits designed specifically for swimming, as opposed to bikinis you can wear at a pool party or for sun bathing. Don’t wear those interchangeably. Men: There’s nothing wrong with swim briefs, as long as they keep everything inside! Leave your shorts for the beach. Triathletes: You may feel cool about showing off your tri suit to remind other swimmers of how you are an all-terrain athlete, but chlorine will ruin it! Leave it for competitions and race rehearsals.
  1. When you get to the swimming pool, don’t walk around as if you are having a margarita at the beach while showing off your sexy body. Despite the fact that you might not get a chance to walk around wearing your attitude and such small clothes very often, just get into the water and swim!

3.  Sharing a lane. Take a minute to find the lane with people with a speed similar to yours. Some pools have designated slow and fast lanes. Wait until they see you to start swimming. There are two ways in which you can share a lane:

    • If there are two of you, you can split the lane by swimming one on each side of the lane. The most important rule is to stay at your side of the lane.
    • If there are more than two, you can circle swim using one side to go and the other side to come back just as if you were on a road. If you are fast, don’t stay at a swimmer’s feet, just go on and pass them carefully. If you are slow, don’t push off before the faster swimmer. Just allow him to push off from the wall first. If you need a rest, great. Move over! Stay at the corner allowing others to continue.
  1. Don’t pee in the pool. Don’t. Try going before to avoid the urge. Be mindful with those beginner swimmers like me that from time to time swallow some of that water.
      1. Contact with other swimmers. Swimming is a solo sport. When you are swimming you want to be left alone. The less others notice you and you notice others, the better. It’s not cool to bump with someone, so be careful and watch out with the flip turn. Avoid any type of touching in the water. If you need to talk to someone, wait till they reach the end.
      1. When you are in the dressing room. Don’t walk around naked! You may feel comfortable, but other people around you may not. Avoid traumatizing people. It’s public dressing rooms, not your home.

I hope this guidelines will help you have a better swimming experience by not becoming the other swimmers’ nightmare. Be nice and happy swimming!

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